One Piano One Hand
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Saving the day when one hand is out of commission


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This little collection is the result of two mishaps: an adult student on a skiing vacation returned home with a dislocated left shoulder, hence Alright and Cold Shoulder, to be played with the right hand only. Another adult student on a vacation in Jamaica came back with a temporarily disabled right hand which resulted in Jamaica Mistake and Underhanded, for the left hand. Alas, we all, at one time or another, may need a piece for one hand only. Or, perhaps, we can use, at some point, a one-handed workout. These pieces can actually be played with either hand although they may be some-what more easily played by the hand for which they were first intended. Fingerings have been provided for either hand, Underhanded and Cold Shoulder can comfortably be played with two hands. You might consider playing either of these with two hands and then astonish your audience by repeating the same selection using only one.


Cold Shoulder

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Jamaica Mistake

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